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Director:                       Lincoln Casimir

Screenwriters:             Lincoln Casimir and Taylor MacCrae

Producer:                     Taylor MacCrae

Executive Producer:   Guy O’Brien aka Master Gee

Genre:                           Drama​

BIG DREAMS follows the lives of five young men living in Jacksonville’s inner city, all with dreams of being the next big thing in hip hop.  So when they hear about a contest sponsored by the city’s biggest music exec, they start making plans…plans to win themselves a ticket out of the hood and into the spotlight. 


Each young man wages his own personal struggle against the boundaries that holds him back – relationships, violence, drugs and gangs.  Each of them tries to find the courage to keep going and make their dreams come true – for every moment is another chance.  Their passion to find their own voice drives them to make desperate decisions…deadly decisions.


Everyone has a dream…not all of them come true. 


Director:             Lincoln Casimir

Producer:           Taylor MacCrae

Screenwriters:   Lincoln Casimir and Taylor MacCrae

Genre:                 C​omedy​

GIRL TALK is a low budget, ethnically diverse feature length comedy about five female friends off to celebrate carnival on the island of Dominica.  Their vacation is filled with talk…LOTS of talk, then suddenly interrupted and upended with a crazy scavenger challenge, wacky neighbors and, of course, MEN.

Conceptual Footage