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Director/Writer:    Lincoln Casimir
Producer:               Taylor MacCrae
Co-Producers:       Emile Brammer and Glenn McBride, Jr.   
Cast:                        Eugene T. Barnes, Andrew Francis, Kyle Grant, 

                                 Teresa Ybarra, Brannon Brass, Glenn McBride, Jr.,                                                                 Rishi Muthur, Shawn Gooden, Christina Labrador,                                                                Elizabeth Brandon, Danny DiMella and Bobbi Owens

Genre:                     Comedy

Take a group of typical office workers conflicted about sex, race and life in general and give them one common goal – counseling people seeking jobs and you have STIR UP CRAZY!

 STIR UP CRAZY  takes place in an employment agency and while the employees are trying to help others get employed, they are also trying to figure out their own lives.  The boss, John, is trying to hold the office together while keeping Martha, his meddlesome mother, at bay – not an easy task.  Martha has an opinion about EVERYTHING, including who John should marry.  In her too frequent visits to the office, Martha has alienated everybody, except for Beaver, John’s secretary.  Beaver is the resident pseudo-psychiatrist – or so he thinks.  But one thing everybody agrees on is that Beaver is the craziest person in the building.  Paul says he proud to be gay – but is he really?  Terrance, a proud African-America, spouts pearls of wisdom.  And then there’s Roxanne, the receptionist, well…she doesn’t take s**t from anybody.  With these characters, each workday consists of ego clashes, inappropriate behavior and wild antics.